Website Checker:See How Well Equipped Your Site is for Online Success.

Website Checker

Website Checker

What is a Website Checker?

A Website Checker analyses your website to see how well equipped it is for online success, and gives you tips on how you can improve it. You can implement many of these tips immediately yourself, it also offers additional products to help you take advantage of the full range of advice.

What does a Website Checker test?

A Website Checker reviews the four most important aspects for your website’s online success:

  • Website presentation
  • Search engine visibility
  • Website security
  • Website’s performance

How does the Website Checker work?

When you type your website address into the designated field, the Website Checker analyses the source code of your website. At no point is customer data used for the analysis.

Questions frequently asked

How does the Website Checker help me to improve my homepage?

You can review the most important aspects of your website with the Website Checker. This will provide you with useful, concrete recommendations and suggestions which you can directly use to improve your homepage. Once you check your website, you will receive a website analysis. It will offer you recommendations, which, depending on the importance of the performance criteria for your homepage, will be labelled either “necessary action” or “recommended action”.

In order to give you a comprehensive picture of the complete performance of your website, you will also see results which highlight the criteria that are performing well. As such, the Website Checker helps you keep an accurate overview of all the aspects of your homepage that are performing well or in need of improvement.

Why is it important that the aspects of my website reviewed by the Website Checker perform well?

The Website Checker tests four aspects of your website: website presentationsearch engine visibilitywebsite security; and the website’s performance.

So, why is the presentation of your website important? The answer lies in how user-friendly your website is. These days, more and more users are visiting websites via mobile devices. That’s why optimal website presentation is becoming more important than ever before. The same applies to search engine visibility, as the use of search engines has also risen steadily in recent years. It is therefore of great importance that you make your homepage visible in search engine result pages – it’s a sure-fire way to considerably increase traffic to your website.

Check the SEO performance of your page with the free 1&1 Website Checker and receive handy tips and recommendations to improve your site’s visibility. In addition to this, your website should also be safe and responsive, because a secure and technically sound homepage – without long loading times – is a proven way of gaining the trust of potential customers for your business.

If our free Website Checker provides you with a website analysis that shows no faults regarding these four criteria, then you can rest assure that your homepage is in perfect condition.

Why is it necessary to regularly conduct a website check?

A regular website analysis from 1&1 gives you the opportunity to monitor the impact – positive or negative – of any changes you make to your website over time. Providing you correctly implement the recommendations given by the 1&1 Website Checker, you should always achieve a higher score for your website the next time you conduct a website check. To ensure your site is always improving, we recommend regularly taking advantage of the free 1&1 Website Checker.


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