Italian Automotive Manufacturer With A Global Footprint - SEO

Italian Automotive Manufacturer With A Global Footprint


To implement best practice SEO across the website and achieve first page ranking for the primary keywords.


To optimize the website as is, ie:

  • We were prohibited to create additional pages or add in content in efforts to rank for more keywords
  • We could not re-align the website structure to assist search engines in easily crawling through the pages.


Implemented advanced SEO techniques


Results Achieved

The website achieved on average 144 leads per month (organic / SEO perspective)
A Total of 36 keywords are ranked no.1 on 5 major search engines.

Increased the website presence by 2009%.

Total of 126 keywords currently ranks on the first page (Top 10 listings).
Ranked 232 keywords in total (as opposed to 11 keywords) without adding any new pages or additional content (virtually impossible task).

Optimised the entire website for 6 major search engines.

Increased keyword visibility on by 19%.

54% of the keywords ranked on the 1st page.



  • Targeted 6 major search engines.
  • Ranked 36 keywords in position no1. across 6 search engines.
  • Ranked 63 keywords in the Top 3 positions across 6 search engines.
  • Ranked 126 keywords in the top 10 positions (1st page) across 6 search engines.