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SEO Process

SEO Process


Analysis is the cornerstone of our SEO, and upon analysis (keyword, industry and competitor analysis), we identify the most appropriate keywords (based on search volumes) and gather valuable insights into your industry.

All these insights forms part of our SEO strategy, which we then implement onto your website. We then attempt to ‘nudge’ google and other various search engines into ‘seeing’ our strategy, sometimes in ver competitive industries we attempt to also pinging various data centers across the globe to get google’s attention.

Monthly we continue to make improvements in efforts to rank your website. This includes all the elements from onsite to offsite optimization, webmaster optimization, website file structure optimization etc…our Comprehensive SEO solution is definitely not vanilla.

The insights above also give us an indication as to how ‘big your website, industry and competitors are’ and the amount of optimisation we need to do weekly together with the number of hours spent on your project – only then will we be able to send you costings and a SEO proposal.

Our Comprehensive SEO packages are not limited to:

  • The number of keywords you want to target or
  • The type of analysis to be conducted or
  • The number of on-page elements or
  • The number of article/directory submissions done or
  • The number of pages you have or
  • The number of links you want to acquire


With us you get all the bells and whistles (a comprehensive SEO solution) that is customized to each business, and so much more…our aim is to get you ranking, not to negotiate which package you should choose, and for how much.

Factors that influence the cost of SEO:

  • The industry you are in, for example, insurance industry (very competitive) VS selling plants online (slightly competitive)
  • Number of competitors online for relevant keywords
  • Your competitor’s SEO strategies
  • Your website development (is it built or aligned to what search engines are looking for?)
  • Website size (small company profile website or a large website with lots of content)
  • Competitiveness of keywords targeted on the various search engines
  • Website scripts such as AJAX or Javascript which prohibits search engines from indexing or crawling your website.