National Client In The Telecommunications Industry - SEO

National Client In The Telecommunications Industry


  • To reduce their Google adwords spend (by optimising the website to rank for specific products).
  • Rank on the first page for relevant generic product keywords
  • Increase their leads /sales via their online channel. (SEO + Conversion Optimisation).


Their website was not built with search engines in mind, therefore a re-alignment of the entire website file structure was required (not a website re-design), and a SILO SEO strategy was implemented to help boost rankings for the key products.


Implemented advanced SEO techniques


Results Achieved

Decreased Google Adwords spend by 43% due to organic rankings
Re-aligned the website structure so search engines can easily index / crawl all pages.
About 88% of total web traffic came from organic search (SEO).
Increased keyword visibility on by 1300%.
Increased the website presence on search engines by 41%.
Drove about 78 sales per month (after 3 months of implementation)
Increased website traffic by 17%.
Implemented a SILO strategy to assist in boosting the keyword density for each category.
Optimised the entire website for 5 major search engines.
Ranked 32 keywords on the first page across 5 search engines



  • There are 14 keywords ranked no1 across 5 search engines.
  • 17 keywords in the Top 3 position i across 5 search engines.
  • 32 keywords are ranked on the 1st page (Top 10 listings).