International American Automobile Manufacturer - SEO

International American Automobile Manufacturer


To optimize the website for generic keywords (not brand words) that pertains to the various products and to achieve top rankings on


There were little or no content on certain pages which proved difficult to optimize. We were allowed to add more content on the existing pages, but prohibited to create additional pages to rank for the various keywords.


Implemented advanced SEO techniques


Results Achieved

Optimised the entire website (every web page) to rank on 8 major search engines.
Ranked 397 keywords in total as compared to the previous 28 keywords ranked (virtually impossible).
Total of 266 keywords were ranked on the first page (Top 10 listings).
The website current receives about 270 leads per month (organic / SEO perspective).
Also optimised all images so website loads faster and it assists in ranking.

Increased keyword visibility on by 28%.

A total of 183 keywords were ranked no.1 on 8 major search engines.
Increased the website presence by 1317%
67% of the keywords ranked on the 1st page (Top 10 listings).



  • This report shows the overall performance of your keywords ranked in Top1, Top3, and Top 10 and Top 100 positions.
  • There are 183 keywords ranked on position no. 1 on 8 search engines.
  • 222 keywords are ranked in the Top 3 positions.
  • 226 keywords are ranked in the Top 10 positions (first page).