Video : SEO Process Explained in Layman's terms - SEO

Video : SEO Process Explained in Layman’s terms


Fast Forward Marketing offers World Class SEO Services in South Africa.

Our SEO strategies and techniques are uncomplicated, non-traditional, and are approached in a targeted manner.


We offer comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation Services and the process entails:

Step 1: conducting a SEO Audit on your website – where we analyse the issues that prohibits search engines from actually crawling your website, as well as solutions to resolve these issues.

Step 2: Keyword Analysis – where we extract data from google to find out what keywords people are actually searching for, to find your products and services.

Step 3: based on these analyses, we create a SEO strategy, which is implemented onto your website and we continue to make improvements monthly.


Our comprehensive SEO Service focuses on the 2 SEO processors – onsite and offsite optimisation.


Onsite optimisation is basically optimising each page on your website as well as all the SEO elements within that page.


Offsite Optimisation is a strategy in acquiring other quality websites to link back to your website, in efforts to build your online credibility….


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