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Video Search Engine

Video Search Engine

video search engine is a web-based search engine which crawls the web for video content. Some video search engines parse  externally hosted content while others allow content to be uploaded and hosted on their own servers. Some engines also  allow users to search by video format type and by length of the clip. The video search results are usually accompanied by  thumbnail view of the video.

Video search engines are computer programs designed to find videos stored on digital devices, either through Internet servers or in storage units from the same computer. These searches can be made through audio-visual indexing, which can extract information from audio-visual material and record it as metadata, which will be tracked by search engines.

A video search is a search engine designed to search video on the net. Some video searchers process the search directly in the  Internet, while others shelter the videos from which the search is done. Some searchers also allow them to be used as search parameters for the format or the length of the video. Usually the results come with a miniature capture of the video.

Video search techniques

Currently, almost all video searchers are based on keywords (search by metadata) to perform searches. These keywords can be found in the title of the video, text accompanying the video or can be defined by the author. An example of this type of search is YouTube.

Some searchers generate keywords manually, while others use algorithms to analyse the audio-visual content of the video and to generate labels. The combination of these two processes improves the reliability of the search.


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