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SEO site analysis

SEO site analysis


3 Things an SEO Site Analyser Will Look For:

1) SEO Keyword referrals

A large portion of developing any SEO campaigns boils down to the selecting and optimization of specific keywords. Tracking the visits that occur on your site because of these keywords will allow you to know which ones to continue optimizing, which to let go and will even give your ideas for new variations of popular keywords that are ranking well. Knowing which keywords are performing is vital because that information will help you make the most effective decisions and save money on unproductive efforts. Remember that keywords can be particularly popular depending on several factors like time and season. All these things need to be considered as you assess your campaign.

2) Traffic Sources

Knowing where the traffic on your site is coming from can be extremely helpful information. This information can help you determine which areas of your SEO campaign need attention. There are three types of traffic:

  • Referral Traffic: traffic coming from trackable email, branding, promotion, and various links around the web.
  • Search Traffic: traffic directed to your site from any search engine
  • Direct Traffic: traffic coming from users typing in specific site htmls, or using email links or codes

Keeping track of this information can help you have a comprehensive understanding of how, where and why your site is attractive and which users it appeals to most. Take this valuable info and then focus attention on the areas where you are already receiving heavy traffic to really maximize those avenues, while also working to improve on the areas where you’re weak.

3) Pages Receiving Traffic from Search Engines

When users are landing on your site due to clicking through from a SERP, which page/s are they going to? Having numbers on this metric can be vital for SEO site analysers because it allows you to know which pages on your site are receiving visits from search engine visitors. That gives you an idea of your site’s indexation status (that is the pages that search engines keep in their indices from specific sites). Don’t ignore this clear indicator of success or failure for your website. As you take time to improve your site with quality content, link acquisition, attractive offers and better navigation, the number of visitors should steadily rise and the number of different pages receiving visitors should also increase.


Best of luck as you put on your SEO site analyser hat and get to work tweaking and optimizing your campaign. If you find you need some extra assistance or professional-level advising on how to dramatically improve your SEO results, contact Fast Forward Marketing today! Simply click below for your FREE website grader!


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