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In the realm of SEO, Content is the King. The phrase ‘Content is King’ persists, because Content has become the focus of Google’s crawl bots in establishing the worth of your website against a search users questions. There is some mysticism in SEO, and most SEO’s prefer it that way because it develops the SEO practice along with the evolution of your website, brand and goals. Tried and tested SEO practices are rigid in form and fluid in nature, such as bringing inbound links from outside sources.


A key part of the SEO role is to identify potential link opportunities and communicate these potential traffic wins to the client. Your SEO manager will guide you through the process of contacting these outside publications, help develop a strategy of interacting with these publications, and/or bring to your attention the way in which your competitors do the same. For instance, if you were to search for ‘SEO Agency in Johannesburg’ you would expect to be met with results tailored to your specific keyword. You might land on a page which is, in fact, a news article mentioning Fast Forward Marketing and because that content was informative, come through to our site. Every SEO campaign is unique, and Fast Forward Marketing is a digital marketing company which keeps that ideology close to heart. We tailor make our SEO strategies and we execute them to the benefit of our clients.


What else does your SEO Manager do?

SEO helps unite all forms of traffic; organic, referral, direct and social. Your Fast Forward Marketing SEO manager will stay up to date with your onsite and offsite brand and presence, offer advice and help you create sharable, interactive content which will draw a user to your site, and keep them on it for as long as possible. Your SEO manager will also help you develop User Experience strategies, as all top SEO’s know that driving traffic to the site is but a tiny part of how Google ranks your site. Bringing a rich, warm and fluid user journey will entice a user to trigger Events, trigger Goals, spend time on each page and, most importantly of all, return. And Content, of course. Content is very important when appealing to your site user. Fast Forward Marketing’s SEO managers will go above and beyond in helping to tailor content, including text, to suit your target audiences’ needs.


About Fast Forward Manager

Fast Forward Marketing was established in 2003 and has fast become a leading digital marketing agency, proving SEO, PPC Management, Social Media Management. This strong growth has been achieved through a steady accumulation of consumer and professional service-based clients and a significant strategic acquisition.


Although a specialist SEO agency in Johannesburg is performance focused and a provider of digital marketing including:

  • SEO Management
  • PPC Management
  • Social Media Management


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