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Do you need SEO help?

SEO seems simple enough. Plug in a keyword here, add a link there, and voila – you’re sitting pretty on Google’s first page. Not so fast. What seems simple is incredibly complex, and requires time, attention, and plenty of planning. And any misstep could mean a serious hit to your rankings.


Here’s how you’ll know if it is time for some SEO help:

  1. Your traffic is not growing (you need SEO help)

Website traffic at a stalemate? The reason for the stall could point to SEO issues. One of the side effects of poor SEO is that your site won’t rank well in search engines, making it harder for customers to find your site. If search engines don’t know you exist, potential customers won’t either.

  1. You have canonical URL issues (you need SEO help)

Your canonical URL is the one you want search engines to see. The problem is, other URL’s with similar or duplicate content often exist, making it hard for search engines like Google to decipher which they’re supposed to index and rank. This may be a very real issue for you if you’re not using REL canonical tags or redirects to point search engines in the right direction. If this sounds like you, make sure you web team takes some time to clean up your URL’s.

  1. Your website is not mobile ready (hello?)

In 2016, mobile overtook desktop as the primary device used to search websites, meaning that search engines like Google are starting to unveil major “mobile first” initiatives. For brands, it means that mobile-friendliness will be an increasingly important ranking factor and could spell trouble for those yet to make the move to mobile.

  1. You are not incorporating social into your SEO strategy (you need SEO help)

Social media profiles are often among the top results in search listings for businesses, Though Google has stated that they don’t use major social networks as ranking factors, many views social as an important indirect factor. Shared content can lead to boosts in engagement and links, which do factor into Google rankings.

  1. You have rankings, but no conversions (you need SEO and CRO help)

SEO help only takes you so far. Think the job is done when you make it to the first page of Google? Think again. While traffic and high rankings are undoubtedly valuable, the end goal is really conversions. To ensure your site is converting, you must take a deep look into your content and user’s behaviour. Which pages do they visit, and is your site easy to navigate? Is your content valuable? Do you use CTA’s?


Answering questions like these will help uncover the root of why your customers may not be converting.


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