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SEO Cost

SEO Cost


Factors that Influence the Cost of SEO:

  • The industry you are in, for example, the insurance industry (very competitive) VS selling plants online (slightly competitive)
  • Number of competitors online for relevant keywords
  • Your competitor’s SEO strategies
  • Your website development (is it built or aligned to what search engines are looking for?)
  • Website size (small company profile website or a large website with lots of content)
  • Competitiveness of keywords targeted on the various search engines
  • Website scripts such as AJAX or Javascript which prohibits search engines from indexing or crawling your website.

Whenever someone is thinking about incorporating an SEO campaign in their overall marketing strategy, one of the first questions that online business owners typically ask is “How much does an SEO campaign cost?” While the question remains the same from one owner to the next, the answer often varies since businesses tend to differ, even within the same industry.



Any ethical and results-driven SEO agency will need to know three specific factors before determining the cost of your SEO campaign, namely your business, industry, and marketing goals by taking these factors into consideration along with your marketing budget, you’ll be able to determine how much you should invest.

Your business – defines the scope of investment in the campaign. SEO agencies must understand the following:

  • Geographical market (local, national, or worldwide)
  • Products or services offered (the more you have to offer, the larger the investment)
  • Target marketing (does your business target multiple markets or is it more of a niche or vertical business?)

Your industry – this is another factor that will influence the cost of your SEO services. Based on the type of industry, you may have to invest less or more to reach your business goals. Two factors that impact the size of the investment are how competitive your industry is and how effectively you leverage your SEO.

Your marketing goals – this is probably the most influencing factor of the three where the cost of SEO services is concerned. The term “SEO” is all-encompassing in that it can help you become an industry leader, help you improve your sales conversion rate, help you increase the amount of visitor traffic you receive, and so on. Naturally, each one of these goals carries its own price tag.

Granted, the cost of your SEO campaign is influenced by these three factors. However, knowing the ethical and results-driven averages within your industry will enable you to budget for future campaigns.



When determining the cost of SEO services, there are 3 variables to consider including:

  • Where you are currently or your situation
  • Where you want to be or your objectives
  • How quickly you want to get there or your timeline

There are typically 4 pricing models for SEO services and just like with any type of business or industry, quality isn’t guaranteed. These include:

  • Fixed-rate projects
  • Hourly consulting
  • Monthly retainers
  • Project pricing


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