SEO Certification: Get a SEO Certification in Johannesburg

SEO Certification

SEO Certification

SEO certification refers to the education, information, practice or training that leads to an individual’s certification, or skills assessment and knowledge, as it relates to search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Many SEO certifications are online courses or collection of webinars and online exams that you do at your own pace.

General SEO & SEM Certifications versus Job Experience

There is an amount of debate about SEO certifications, with some in the SEO community and forums suggesting that free online SEO guides from reputable experts are just as good of a learning tool and practicing SEO on your own site or obtaining an entry-level job where you can optimize a live site is also a good solution, compared to paying for online courses.


Free SEO Certifications

If you choose to try online SEO certification courses, there are several free training solutions you can try before purchasing more expensive courses.


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