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SEO Analysis Tool

SEO Analysis Tool


SEO analysis

SEO analysis includes a check of on-page issues, and the analysis of page quality. To be visited and bring benefits, your site should be indexed by search engines smoothly, be well optimized and have a high authority. With the help of SEO analysis, you can check the major search site parameters: quality of content optimization, site age, thematic citation index, Page Rank, structure and layout of the website, etc.


SEO Analysis includes:

General SEO Analysis:

Duplicate pages. At first glance quality resources are often poorly ranked just because of the large number of duplicates in the index. Analyse which pages are in the index. Pay attention to the section “Optimizing HTML” in Google webmasters.
Excessive number of H1 tags

  • Analysis of landing page optimization
  • Mobile optimization analysis. Due to the popularity of mobile devices today, you should be sure your website structure, interface and content are perfectly displayed on mobile devices.


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