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SEO Advertising

SEO Advertising


What is SEO Advertising?

There are two vital sides to SEO advertising. It includes optimizing your website so that it is more visible in organic searches. But it recognizes that unless you have millions to spend, it takes time to rise in the ranks. Because of this, it’s supplemented by pay-per-click advertising. Together, these are the dynamic duo of marketing. They’re peas in a pod. A power couple. Whatever you want to call it. It works.


How to use SEO Advertising to Grow Your Business

No one said growing your business would be easy. You’re up for the challenge. You just need a plan. You’ve got the right team, the product or service. Now, it’s just a matter of getting your brand out there in front of more people. Not just any people. The right people. You know? The ones you can turn into lifelong customers. That’s where SEO advertising comes in. It’s the way to get the word out. Grow your business faster and more cost-effectively than you could any other way. Here’s how it’s done.


Why SEO Advertising?

Over 1 trillion searches happen every day. Nearly 75% of them are through Google. Over 50% of business website traffic comes in through these searches. Sounds amazing. Free traffic, right. There’s a catch. You knew there would be. The website at the top of the organic searches gets over 1/3 of the organic clicks in searches. “Organic” is a term used by online marketers. It means the regular search listings. Google gets to decide who the top 3 sites are in the organic results. Not in one of those top 3 organic search spots? What about you? Well, your share of organic traffic is next to non-existent.


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