On Page SEO: Crucial 21 On page SEO Factors

On-Page SEO: 21 Things to Avoid, Fix and Monitor

On-Page SEO: 21 Things to Avoid, Fix and Monitor

On-Page SEO

Here is a fact: Bad on page SEO practices can hurt your rankings and trust ratings even if you follow good SEO practices. We compiled a quick list of what avoid when building a new site; fix if you already have a site and what to regularly monitor.

  1. Duplicating instead of repurposing/updating throughout your site
  2. Reposting, copying and distributing content verbatim from other sites to yours
  3. Using the same copy when distributing your content on external sites and blogs
  4. Writing for search engines by neglecting content that valuable and relevant to your target audience content needs. Keywords stuffing is a perfect example.
  5. Thinking you can buy your way to the top of any search engine
  6. Not researching your audience and the search behaviour
  7. Badly structured website links’
  8. Not having social sharing options for web posts
  9. Ignoring multimedia content – infographics, videos, photo stories, etc.
  10. Having a site that takes too long to load – long meaning more than 5 seconds!
  11. Not scanning and fixing spelling errors and broken website links
  12. Posting thin content by only providing information that in overly saturated areas, generic, and does not go beyond the surface, essentially offering no real value
  13. Ignoring long form posts
  14. Ignoring social media integration and engagement especially when your audience/s are active on these channels.
  15. Not optimising content for local SEO that targets potential customers around your geographic area
  16. No having unique content – rehashing a lot of the sameness that exists on topics without offering new insights or perspectives
  17. Having too many website ads
  18. Not using Google Webmaster Tools to keep track and fix of possible threats and technical issues with your site
  19. Having too many external links that usher visitors away from your site.
  20. Low mobile experience – having a site that is not mobile friendly and ready
  21. Not having properly formatted HTML posts
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