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Image search engine

Image search engine

An image search is a search engine that is designed to find an image. The search can be based on keywords, a picture, or a web link to a picture. The results depend on the search criterion, such as metadata, distribution of colour, shape, and the search technique which the browser uses.

Image search techniques:

Two techniques currently used in image search:

Search by metadata: Image search is based on comparison of metadata associated with the image as keywords, text, etc.. And it obtains a set of images sorted by relevance. The metadata associated with each image can reference the title of the image, format, color, etc.. And can be generated manually or automatically. This metadata generation process is called audio-visual indexing.

Search by example: In this technique, also called content-based image retrieval, the search results are obtained through the comparison between images using computer vision techniques. During the search the content of the image is examined such as colour, shape, texture or any visual information that can be extracted from the image.

This system requires a higher computational complexity, but is more efficient and reliable than search by metadata. There are image searchers that combine both search techniques, as the first search is done by entering a text, and then, from the images obtained can refine the search using as search parameters the images which appear as a result.

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