Hiring an SEO Company: 3 things that matter - SEO

Hiring an SEO Company: 3 things that matter

Hiring an SEO Company: 3 things that matter.


If you have been tasked with hiring an SEO company to help boost your digital marketing efforts, you’ll soon realize it’s easier than done. We have been in the online marketing space for over 10 years and have worked with over 300 clients, giving some authority in giving advice on this matter.  Factors to consider, chat about and request in initial discussions from a prospective online marketing company.


How to find a reputable SEO company

A mere Google search for “best SEO company in my area” is not going to cut it. Being at the top of a search engine result page has very little to do with being the best service provider. This is true for a lot of service or product based businesses.  Rather, request recommendations and referrals from a company that you have admired for their online marketing.


False prophets

Any company that guarantees to be number one on the to be in search engine results page you should, There is no guarantee in positioning even if you buy PPC adverts – There are just too many factors that contribute to search engine positioning to guarantee it in the first place. We suggest you move right along if this is promised to you. In fact, they may be conducting practices that Google will penalize in the end. Ask for examples of work – Who have they helped and how?


Have SMART business goals

  • Making your website work for you require some critical thinking as a team by setting some SMART SEO goals. The goal cannot be just to increase traffic. It needs to be traffic with a purpose.
  • Know whom you are targeting, why what you are offering is relevant and needed, what channels you are going to use and how you are going to measure success and shortcomings.
  • Aim for the results that matter to the business e.g. conversion and engagement over generic traffic.
  • Get to know the SEO team – SEO in an investment and long-term partnership, giving you every right about their skills, years in the game, successes, and opinions on the field of SEO and digital marketing.


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