Guaranteed SEO Services: Guaranteed SEO Services in Johannesburg

Guaranteed SEO Services

Guaranteed SEO Services

Guaranteed SEO

You aren’t supposed to trust a SEO firm that guarantees SEO results, right? Wrong. This notion started when Google stated that no firm could guarantee a specific placement for any one keyword, as that would imply a special relationship with Google (which no SEO firm has).

Unfortunately, the SEO industry has used this as an excuse to shy away from any accountability. We believe that it is possible to guarantee results—and we do it every day here at Fast Forward Marketing.

With a guaranteed SEO firm, you can be sure that you will receive numerous page one rankings for relevant keywords related to your business. In fact, you will see them come in month after month! We are so confident in our work that we guarantee these results.

Guaranteed SEO is what the market has been waiting for: an affordable program that will bring you multiple page one rankings on a consistent basis. Fast Forward Marketing is the clear choice for a small business that wants to aggressively market the business through search traffic.

How Fast Forward Marketing Guaranteed SEO Works

Before you engage with Fast Forward marketing in a SEO program, we will agree upon a guaranteed number of page one listings for your website. We guarantee that you will achieve at least as many page one Google rankings for keywords that we agree are believed to drive relevant, income-generating traffic to your website. If we do not reach this milestone by the sixth month of our relationship.

There is some fine print, mostly ensuring that the rules are fair for both sides, but that’s the guarantee in a nutshell.

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