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Google site search

Google site search


Everything you love about Google search, now on your website.


  • Customizable design

Match the look and feel of search results to your website by using your own logo and colour scheme.

  • Multilingual

Search across many languages, set a default language or detect visitors’ browser language settings.

  • Date biasing

Adjust search rankings based on documents’ ages, ensuring that updated versions display above older ones.

  • XML feeds

Choose how search results are displayed and fully integrate applications with the XML API.

  • Label refinements

Create labels to categorize content and let users filter their search results.

  • Image search

Allow users to search for images and see results in a separate tab.

  • Ad-free results

Give your users the accuracy and relevance of Google Search, minus the ads.


Expand user queries to automatically include synonyms and acronyms, like “automated teller machine” for “ATM.”

  • Rich snippets

Add formatting, images and special elements to the content samples users see in search results.

  • Thumbnails

Enhance search results with thumbnail images generated automatically or specified by you.

  • Highly relevant results relevance

Factors in more than 100 variables for each query, delivering highly relevant results from the same algorithms used on

  • Synonyms

Uses synonym dictionaries to make sure one user’s ‘401K’ produces the same results as another user’s ‘retirement savings’.

  • Spellcheck

Automatically suggests corrections with startling accuracy, even on company specific words and phrases.

  • Helps narrow customers’ searches

Offers category labels like About Us or Product Documentation that allow your customers to refine their search results.

  • Provides customer data with Google Analytics

Integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, providing insight into search patterns so you can optimize for your customer’s needs.

  • Streamlines customer support

Allows customers to quickly solve issues by streamlining your site’s self-service portal.


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