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Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO


What is Enterprise SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing discipline that focuses on increasing visibility and traffic from organic (non-paid) search results, arriving from popular search engines like Google, Bing, and YouTube.


We define an enterprise to be an organization that has one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. A complex and hierarchical organizational structure with many silos.
  2. An organizational structure in which every new content asset for your website must be approved by brand and legal teams.
  3. A large website that may have 10,000 – 100M+ pages.
  4. A complex website architecture or infrastructure.

Enterprise SEO involves finding a way to implement fundamental SEO best practices on each page of your website (which may number in the thousands). Doing so is no easy feat, because you’ll need to work with multiple internal and external stakeholders within the constraints of time, budget, technological impediments, and organizational buy-in.


Enterprise SEO Skills

Being effective at Enterprise SEO requires a comprehensive skillset across many disciplines. Expertise in all areas of SEO is a must, but strong business skills and a balanced understanding of your organization’s digital marketing capabilities are often more valuable to thrive.

An individual or team with exceptional technical SEO skills that operates in a silo only has a small chance of leading a large organization to success. Alternatively, a marketing team that excels at working with all stakeholders but has few SEO capabilities will also lead to limited results.


The goal should be to hire or develop a team that possess all the following skills, starting with mastery of core SEO competencies such as:

  • Maintaining how search engines discover your website.
  • Targeting the most impactful terms that lead to positive ROI with keyword research.
  • Optimizing website content for keyword relevance, quality, and audience engagement.
  • Understanding how other websites link to you because of digital marketing campaigns.
  • Interpreting analytics data to make decisions on implementing SEO campaigns.

For an Enterprise SEO Strategist, the above skills are only the foundation. To excel at the role, an individual or team must be able to effectively scale these abilities to meet the needs and complexities of a large website with thousands or millions of pages.


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