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Building Link

Building Link


What is building Link?

Building Link is an online communications and management system for residential, commercial and mixed-use developments that is enhancing the way we live and work in communities, globally. Make daily occurrences seamless with effortless communication, easy record keeping, clear maintenance and task tracking, incident reports and building event tracking between occupants, building staff, contractors & strata managers. By providing an internationally accredited, secure platform for connectivity, Building Link has proven to be a cost and time-saving technology that has benefits for every stakeholder.

Owners – create the community you want to live in.

Developers – reduce costs while adding value to your development.

Managers – it’s time to be smarter and more efficient.


Here are facts you should know about Fast Forward Marketing. We’re assisting in the creation of excellent communities in Johannesburg!

We’re committed to helping communities grow, connect, maintain, record, function and live more harmoniously. That is our aim. We are here for the development of our country’s future and the sustainability of our cities. Most importantly, we’re here for the long run! So, we know a little bit about the industry! We’ve also implemented Building Link in many communities in South Africa, since 2003. Whatever your need or requirement, we’ll help you find a solution and implement Building Link in your community or even across your whole portfolio.


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