Local SEO: Using Local SEO for Finding Customers

4 Easy Ways to Find Customers Using Local SEO

4 Easy Ways to Find Customers Using Local SEO


The focus of local SEO, as opposed to general SEO, is the specific and added strategies to target customers within your area. If you have a physical location for your business, local SEO a vital component for search engine marketing strategy. Here is the easiest way to put it: a search query for “makeup artists in Durban central” should not return search results for makeup artists on a national scale.


We have outlined the basic ways of incorporating local SEO in your search engine marketing and content strategy:

Mobile Friendly Website

Ensuring your website design and development adapts to mobile devices is highly important. Since 2015, Google has added having a mobile friendly site as a plus in their website ranking criteria.


Competitive and Relevant Keywords

Having a competitive advantage on keywords that are popular is difficult and often avoided when research and compiling keywords. However, local SEO does make targeting popular and relevant keywords attached to geographic location meaningful.


Write Local SEO Optimized Content

Having a say via a blog site or social media channels on things that matter to your audience is one of the most credible ways of gaining and engaging with potential & existing customers.

  • Share post that is about local search queries and interests
  • Get to know what interests your audience beyond your products. This does require networking, attending and supporting local events and initiatives.
  • Provide content that solves problems to regular industry or product challenges
  • Develop blog and news updates around local news and hot topics


Get on My Google Listing & Other Business Directories

According to Google Think “four in five consumers want search ads to be customized to their city…” which means they already know what they are looking for and just want a business within their location to provide a product, service or answer.  This makes getting your business listed on Google My Business and other popular business directories important.


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