Social Media Marketing for Wedding Venues Johannesburg

Social Media Marketing For Wedding Venues


Social Media Marketing For Wedding Venues will be the primary awareness tool for people who deal with arranging venues for weddings. Basically it’s up to the wedding planner how to lay down strategies to be used in Social Media Marketing For Wedding Venues, below are a few pointers.




For many venues, like hotels, country clubs, and museums, we know your wedding-centric posts are just a drop in the bucket in comparison to all the Social Media Marketing For Wedding Venues are pushing out. Your ability to drive engagement and leads for weddings seems like a hope and prayer amid all the posts not geared toward brides. The potential solution is to have a team working towards Social Media Marketing For Wedding Venues that will allow you to launch wedding centric social media accounts, that will also stand alone as a part of their digital marketing strategy.  Of course, you’d need to have a plan for who would have the time to post, but it can be a way to reap all of the rewards mentioned below.




You don’t want to just post good content; you want it to lead back to the sections of your website that you care about most. It’s the premise behind all good content marketing (social media included), and it takes some strategy and foresight. For example, it means you want photo galleries to be constantly updated on your site so you can post and Pin from your site rather than uploading images within Pinterest or Facebook. If you get photos from a recent event and find yourself uploading them natively within those platforms, that’s the indicator that you’re not helping brides on the path to conversion.




Even better than directing brides to the special events and wedding pages of your site via social posts is directing them to a landing page that includes a form for them to schedule a call or site visit. Obviously, you can’t expect them to do that from simply one social post, so you need to be strategic about what you’re offering on that page they land on within your website or drive them to your Contact Us page in one click. Again, your photo galleries page might be a good option with a headline like “Like what you see? Schedule a site visit.” If you have constraints because special events is just a few pages within your bigger site managed by IT or marketing, could you build a custom landing page or wedding/special events microsite that still adheres to your enterprise site’s style guidelines?




Whenever you post photos of recent wedding couples who celebrated at your venue, make sure you tag them in Facebook and Instagram. It’s so simple and impactful, since tagging them means their followers/friends will be more likely to see that post and your venue. Also ask to use the custom hashtags they had for their wedding It’s the equivalent of digital word of mouth, so make it a part of your best practices within your Social Media Marketing For Wedding Venues.