Social Media Marketing for Wedding Planners Johannesburg

Social Media Marketing For Wedding Planners


Wedding planners have a kind of love-hate relationship with social media, while social media channels like Facebook and Instagram have free and popular platforms that allow you to feature weddings and this is the perfect way to achieve Social Media Marketing For Wedding Planners. Below are some strategies that can be used for Social Media Marketing For Wedding Planners


  • WeddingWire


The first baby step towards employing Social Media Marketing For Wedding Planners is creating a wedding specific hashtag. It expands the horizons of a wedding from physical venues to social media platforms. Over half of the weddings now have their own hashtags. This gives you access to all the candid photos your photographer might not catch.

Choosing a perfect and unique hashtag might be confusing, In that direction, WeddingWire is a really cool wedding hashtag generator. It helps you find a perfect and memorable wedding hashtag for a wedding. It takes into consideration names, nicknames, wedding day, wedding city, and many other factors to generate a wedding hashtag.

Being a wedding planner, it is your responsibility to encourage guests to use the wedding hashtags. You could inform the guests about the wedding hashtag through invitation cards, spreading the news on social media or at pre-wedding events and parties.


  • Social Wall


Now that you have access to amazing wedding photos that have been posted on Social Media Marketing For Wedding Planners using the wedding hashtag, now it’s time to display them to the attendees of the wedding on a social wall or hashtag wall. Let’s bring social media to the wedding. You may display these hashtag fetched images on a social wall.


A social wall is a fun way to engage attendees at any wedding. The social wall displays images, texts, and videos posted by the attendees on various social platforms using the wedding hashtag.


Taggbox is a social content aggregator and display tool. It fetches the wedding images posted on various social media platforms via the wedding hashtag. These social posts are later displayed on a social wall in a customizable and beautiful way.


  • Buffer


Buffer is a social media management tool that lets users manage Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter from a single web or mobile dashboard. Buffer lets you schedule your wedding related content and check analytics for all your social accounts in one place, rather than going to each platform individually. You can also add multiple members like the wedding couple themselves or close relatives to monitor the kind of wedding content going online.


  • Social Media Platforms for Wedding Planners


While being on social media and marketing your business pays back well, but that’s what everyone is doing. But having an insight into the apt social media platform for your business to grow gives you an edge over your competitors.


Wedding planning is a very visual service. Everything must look beautiful and divine- the bride, the venue, the flowers, everything is your responsibility. Besides that, while promoting your business and services online, a smart choice would be to choose a platform that is visually appealing and enhances the quality of representing the services you provide.