Social Media Marketing for Theme Park in Johannesburg

Social Media Marketing for Theme Park


Social media marketing for theme park is necessary to develop a certain “brand” and maintain loyalty to customers while ensuring they maintain loyalty to the company. Social media has been used in the past few years as a way to promote oneself or one’s business by connecting with an online audience and providing users with information that may help or convince them to make a purchase.

Here are 4 lessons to can learn from the social media marketing for theme park

That will help your theme park to the most visited and the happiest place on Earth throughout the ages:


  • Every visitor is a micro-influencer


From Instagram to Facebook and every social media platform in between, there is no shortage of people sharing photos of their trip, a good example of this is Disney World or Disneyland people always share their experience in different platforms. This allows every visitor to become a micro-influencer and is an effortless way to create earned. Unlike celebrity influencers, a micro-influencer has a genuine connection to the products or experiences that they promote.


  • Know Your Target Market


Have a set of packages for different age range. Theme parks are vastly different from other industries where the target market is highly specific, children’s clothes, for instance. Instead, theme parks have the rare ability to successfully market to people of all ages. The key is to avoid a “one size fits all” marketing approach. Do your research and discover the best ways to reach and appeal to each bracket of your targeted audience.


  • Use branding and visuals to tell a story


Think big, think visuals. Videos are an immensely effective and engaging way to pair branding and visual elements together to tell a story. In fact, recent studies show that videos are a staggering for marketing purposes than both print and direct mail combined.

Social media marketing for theme park gurus know the power of video and branding, so it comes as no surprise that this is a large part of their strategy. From YouTube, to television commercials, Social media marketing for theme park videos should be everywhere.


  • Social media marketing for theme park should promote the experience


Another way to promote a theme park on social media is to share unique aspects of the establishment. A good Social media marketing for theme park should have a fair share of magical storytelling but some of its most popular posts are ones that equip users with a realistic view of what to expect during their visit. For instance, should have an employee who gathers up rogue baby strollers at one of their parks.