Social Media Marketing for Recruitment Companies Johannesburg

Social Media Marketing For Recruitment Companies


The importance and impact of  Social Media Marketing For Recruitment Companies is growing day by day. Research proves that 92 percent of recruiters are now using social media to find the best and suitable candidate for each position. Companies that use social media for hiring have grown from 82% to 92%.



  • Connect with the Right People


At a certain point, you’ll have to take your Social Media Marketing For Recruitment Companies  to a higher level. You’ll have to start connecting with the right people.

Keep your profiles industry-specific and establish connections with industry leaders, experts in the field and people who have a niche specialization. When doing so, you’ll have to individualize your approach. You can’t just send one and the same generic message to everyone, expecting to establish a solid community.

Communicate people in an adequate, authentic manner. Appeal to their interests, if you want to get the right kind of response. Tell potential connections what you have to offer and why you’d like to keep in touch. True, personalization requires time and effort. If you rely on generic communication, however, chances are that you’ll miss on multiple opportunities to connect with and potentially employ experienced professionals.


  • The Right Hashtags


Hashtags are powerful tools for increasing the scope of your message in certain platforms for Social Media Marketing For Recruitment Companies.

A good idea may be to identify the Twitter, Facebook or Instagram hashtags that job seekers follow. Keep in mind, however, these are generic rather than relevant to your industry. Once you make that first step, you’ll have to narrow it down even further. There are industry-specific hashtags that will do an even better job in terms of identifying top talent in the field.

If you can’t find relevant hashtags, it may be time to create your own and get it trending. In order to accomplish the goal, you’ll have to focus on meaningful content that people will be willing to share. If your hashtag is linked to informative posts, you’ll quickly start trending. Here’s where the importance of high quality content comes in.

Always double check before initiating a new tag. You don’t want yours to be similar to something that’s already out there. Make sure that your job hashtag carries some uniqueness and is also brand-relevant.


Just like with all other Social Media Marketing For Recruitment Companies strategies, it’s very important to refrain from overdoing it. You’re attempting to establish a professional online persona. A single hashtag will be sufficient to get the job done rather than going overboard. Instead of focusing on multiple witty tags, you should work hard on promoting the one that’s linked to the recruitment opportunity that you have to offer.