Social Media Marketing for Politicians Johannesburg, Gauteng

Politicians are expected to have a trustworthy image, of course voters do expect more than that. For politicians to have this kind of a relationship with the public, politicians are expected to engage with the public in an open, see-through and two way dialog. The best way to do all this is by using Social Media Marketing For Politicians. Social media has most definitely changed the nature of political communication. Below are some tips that are valuable for Social Media Marketing For Politicians.


1.Listen, Engage, Participate


Social media is a two-way communication tool, therefore Social Media Marketing For Politicians is a great way to be in contact with the public or voters. It is not only broadcast TV, where you can carefully craft your message, put it out there, and measure success at the polls. It is also social. Therefore, you have to treat it like an on-going conversation that you’re having with your followers. Read comments, respond, take what your supporters and your dissidents are saying on your Facebook page into account the next time you make a decision.


2.Be creative, be bold


While exploring Facebook and Twitter, you’ll likely come across even newer technology like geo-location-based services. The politicians who take a risk and experiment with these new technologies are usually those that voters remember when they head to the polls. YouTube is another perfect platform to use in Social Media Marketing For Politicians. Trying new technologies is risky, but if you have the budget and the staff, you’ll be remembered as someone who is willing to look to non-traditional methods of problem solving.


3.Make time for social media


Using social media as part of your campaign strategy is almost required in today’s media-saturated climate. Social media is an on-going commitment. It is almost better not to create a campaign blog and Twitter account if you will not be constant on your postings.


4.The politician should be the one using social media


Digital marketing agencies like Fast Forward Marketing are great for managing many dimensions of your communications, but they shouldn’t be managing the bulk of your social media presence. Reason being, social media originally blurs the line between public and private, and exists at the pillar of what you want the public to see and what they will see. This might sound disturbing to a politician who’s used to having iron-fisted control over her image, but letting go of some of the carefully scripted dialog and picture-perfect hair might just make you more real, and more vote-able to the public.