Social Media Marketing for Plumbers in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Back in the days, you would find a plumber by paging through the Yellow Pages, or recommendation from a friend, but nowadays, it’s not so simple. You find people going on to Facebook or any social media platform to find services they need. Even plumbers have their strategies set out for them in Social Media Marketing For Plumbers, below are some tips on Social Media Marketing For Plumbers.

Know your audience


Social media should be about the customer’s wants and needs, not your own. Knowing whom you want to communicate with should guide how, when and where you engage with them. Spend a little time thinking about your ideal customer. Are you working for individuals or business clients? Where do they live and work? How old are they? What financial resources do they have? It may seem obvious, but asking these questions can help you choose a platform, create posts and fine-tune your message.


Pick the right platform


Different social media platforms are intended for different purposes. While most sites can share different kinds of content, they each have a different personality and user base. For a small business, keep in mind that


Twitter’s 280-character limit is ideal for companies that want to share quick tips and ideas on a regular basis.

LinkedIn is a great tool for people who enjoy networking and have a lot of business customers who turn to them for advice and recommendations. Users are also wealthier and much more likely to hold college degrees.

Facebook allows for more varied content and closer community building. It’s also the best place to reach older users, like baby boomers.

YouTube can’t be beat for sharing how-to videos.


Before you create an account on every social media site available, decide where you’ll get the most bang for your buck, and master it.


Be social


Above all, the key to success at social media is being social. Share and like posts by other users, and create content that will help start a conversation with your customers. Follow online messages and answer questions for someone in a plumbing bind. Join groups online and join in on the conversation; soon enough someone will need your services and reach out for a paid gig.


This social mindset will help you get the most out of your social media accounts, whether you use Twitter or Facebook, share holiday photos or demo videos, use traditional posts or invest heavily in paid advertising. A smart company that carefully maintains its profile can improve relationships with current customers, forge connections with new ones and raise the bottom line.