Social Media Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations Johannesburg

Social Media Marketing For Non-Profit Organizations

Most non profit organizations just have a Facebook page or just a Twitter account, and that’s just about it when it comes social media. But Social Media Marketing For Non-Profit Organizations is about more than getting likes. Below are some strategies which can be useful in Social Media Marketing For Non-Profit Organizations.


1.Why Does Social Media Work for Non-profit Organizations?


Social Media Marketing For Non-Profit Organizations enables non-profit organizations to create relationships and engage with their constituents. This allows them to nurture their online communities which, in fact, creates a viral marketing effect with little or no effort. And the costs associated with this marketing effort are often less expensive with better return-on-investment than traditional marketing efforts.


The realm of social media helps equip individuals with an outlet and tool to help in growing their own non-profit organizations, as well as enabling individuals who have a specific interest in a charitable organization and who want to share it broadly.


As a non-profit organization it’s important to take the proper steps when delving into social media but, as you can see it, has proven to be beneficial to many organizations just like yours.


2.How can non-profits use social media?


Social media websites and apps that let users create, share and network — allows organizations with even the most limited budgets to reach a wide audience in a quick, cost-effective way. These platforms allow you to tell your organization’s story.

Done well, social media messages can help you engage supporters, capturing and retaining their attention. Social media can also increase awareness of your organization or brand, which may support fundraising efforts. You might even use social media specifically for fundraising drives.


To be effective, however, your social media efforts can’t just be a side venture. Your social media strategy should be integrated with your overall marketing strategy and aligned with your non-profit’s goals and target audiences. Specific staff members, interns or volunteers should be dedicated to keeping up with social media. Frequent posts and interactions can promote visibility and community engagement.


Also, Social Media Marketing For Non-Profit Organizations isn’t just about broadcasting information about your non-profit organisation. Social media presents non-profits with opportunities to connect with supporters by responding to questions and comments or joining in new conversations. With a little creativity and humour, you can establish a dialogue that helps donors feel like more than cash machines.


3.What social media channels are most popular with non-profits?


Research proved that Facebook is the primary social network. Twitter is the next most commonly used platform. Other popular channels include YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

While it might seem tempting to try to get your message out on as many platforms as possible, it’s smarter to determine what platforms your target audience uses and go from there. Doing a great job of reaching out to current and potential supporters in a couple of platforms is smarter than doing a mediocre job on six or seven platforms.