Social Media Marketing for Newspaper Companies in Johannesburg

Social Media Marketing For Newspaper Companies


Many businesses are chucking away the old methods of marketing, and they are now using social media as means of marketing. Even for newspapers, they have found a way to use Social Media Marketing For Newspaper Companies to connect to their customers. Newspaper companies have been holding on to social media to improve their content as well as increase revenue. Below are some strategies to use for Social Media Marketing For Newspaper Companies.


  1. What you need to consider in your planning for Social Media Marketing For Newspaper Companies:


  • Establish goals.
  • Decide the tools that you will use to implement your strategy.
  • Content type has to be well thought of.
  • A keyword list has to be established.
  • Set milestones and determine how you will measure the presence of your newspaper on social media.
  • Ensure the social media strategy is successfully managed


2.Cross- Promotion


 Balancing the online and offline medium is essential. For example: if you send out a leaflet or a brochure, make sure you mention a link to your Social Media Marketing For Newspaper Companies pages etc. and similarly if you are running a promotion use both the elements of your ad campaign. This way you can attain greater attention to your print items as well as your online resources.


3.The creation of online content has led many newspaper brands to also embrace external content curation.


Even editors are striving to provide value to their readers by recommending articles from other sources to follow, as well as by sharing links posted by their community. On Twitter, newspapers can identify that being seen as an authority in their field is more important than just tweeting their own content.

Retweeting external links that they find relevant to their community and using Twitter lists to suggest additional accounts worth following must be done occasionally. Newspaper publications are using  Social Media Marketing For Newspaper Companies to harvest ideas based on feedback from their social media communities to efficiently craft future issues.


By asking questions across social profiles, monitoring comments and measuring response rates, brands can measure their readers’ pulse more accurately than ever. Social media is also being used as a direct source of content. The possibility of being featured by a favorite newspaper publication entices fans to contribute online. Newspaper brands can encourage photo submissions via contests or prompt fans to respond to Facebook polls.


Beyond adding depth to upcoming issues and digital content, these newspaper dailies have opened a regular dialogue and established a lasting relationship with their readers.