Social Media Marketing for Manufacturers in Johannesburg

Social Media Marketing for Manufacturers


Research proves 85 percent of manufacturers are using Social Media Marketing For Manufacturers when it comes to marketing strategies for their business. This is a strategy that surely has created a lot of hype amongst customers and potentials that most definitely results in sales. Below are some strategies that can be used in Social Media Marketing For Manufacturers.


  • Share Useful Content


Social Media Marketing For Manufacturers should not just be for selling their products. Instead, it should be a place where partners, prospects and customers can find valuable content about your industry. Share content that will educate your audience and make their lives easier.


  • Virtually Meet Your Audience 


Use LinkedIn to establish personal connections with people that could positively impact your manufacturing company. Manufacturers can use personal accounts to reach out to prospects, clients and connect with contractors. Stakeholders can also develop influence using LinkedIn Groups and Publishing platforms. Gathering testimonials on LinkedIn adds credibility to you as a professional personally. In your bio, briefly describe how your product and service solves specific problems.

LinkedIn business pages should house relevant information about your company. Use it to share important information about any new developments or product releases. If done well, Social Media Marketing For Manufacturers has many viable platforms that could help to promote the manufacturing business.


  • Join Communities


Besides interacting with your fans and followers on your social media pages, you should join smaller forums and communities related to your industry. There are numerous Social Media Marketing For Manufacturers groups that cover all manufacturing industries, from machining and consumer electronics to energy, aerospace and automotive.

Joining such communities will offer you a great opportunity to network with other professionals in your industry while brainstorming new ideas and exchanging best practices and strategies.


  • Connect With Influencers


Every topic or industry has experts and thought leaders. Therefore, while engaging on Social Media Marketing For Manufacturers, you need to be on the lookout for people who have a large following. Take time to “like” their pages, read their posts, leave comments and share when appropriate.

Connecting with such people will allow you to tap into their large following, thus giving you more exposure.


  • Have an Advertising Budget


No Social Media Marketing For Manufacturers is complete without advertising. Without money boosting your posts, your reach will be severely limited. Paid ads allow you to target prospects by gender, interest, geography, skill set and even email. This will in turn drive more traffic to your site and increase your ROI significantly.