Social Media Marketing for Malls / Shopping Centres JHB

Social Media Marketing For Malls / Shopping Centres


Consumers used to go to malls/shopping centres for a specific reason. But now we go to malls and shopping centres almost every day for the best deals after we have searched on the internet. Shopping malls/centres have found a way to stay relevant by using Social Media Marketing For Malls / Shopping Centres. It is advisable for a shopping centre or mall to choose from the social media platforms to check which best suits them and be familiar with its features. Below are some strategies that can be used in Social Media Marketing For Malls / Shopping Centres.


Social media for future success


Traditional shopping malls understand that they do need to stay relevant and compete with ecommerce. As a result, marketing professionals have been investing more time and money into online social platforms with the main goal of driving foot traffic and ultimately increasing sales. Going forward, social media will also be used to increase malls’ overall brand perception, curating content to signify that they’re placed where people want to experience brands not just shop.


What’s the tweet?


Twitter has also become another powerful social media tool utilized by traditional shopping malls to increase foot traffic. Twitter has more than 310 million active monthly users. Of those users, 49 percent say they follow brands and companies, and 42 percent learn about new products and services via the platform. So where does Twitter fit into Social Media Marketing For Shopping Centers/Malls. Unlike Facebook’s function to promote sales, and Instagram’s ability to highlight experiences, Twitter allows shopping malls to engage with the community. It’s being used as a tool to talk about local events and trends in an effort to ultimately get customers into physical store locations.


Twitter is also evolving into a care and guest experience channel. It is being used for official announcements and personal communication with guests. Through the platform, shopping malls are able to gain valuable, first-hand information on how to improve the customer experience, and keep shoppers coming back for more.


Leverage social media


Depending on your target audience, social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools when looking to reach people who are on-the-go. Social Media Marketing For Malls / Shopping Centres is also a great way to market your products without necessarily selling them online. Look at the different social media channels and make use of the channel which works best for your business, as well as your customers’ preference. Once you have chosen the platform you wish to use, make sure you watch a few tutorials and become familiar with the platform’s features to help you provide added value to your customers.