Social Media Marketing for Life Coaches Johannesburg, Gauteng

Every single business needs to have a unique set of strategies for marketing that will work well with nature and purpose of the business. But a life coaching business is actually not different. It is of vital importance to get your message across to the correct audience if you want your life coaching business to be a success, making sure it happens at the right time and right place to attract potential clients. A great deal of research and lots of advancement has been fuelled into Social Media Marketing For Life Coaches.


  1. Build a following on social media

Get into direct contact with your potential and existing customers with a strong presence. Ensure that your website is in top condition and search engine optimised so that every time you post or share something, you increase your chances of being found online. Then find out whether your customers are on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp or LinkedIn and focus your efforts on just those platforms. Social Media Marketing For Life Coaches allows you to connect with a targeted audience and you can even use it to network with industry thought leaders. Facebook adverts and promoted tweets are an effective way to increase your following if you have a personal branding budget available.


Your skills will give you everything you need to market yourself as a life coach and make a success of your personal brand. Use these simple Social Media Marketing For Life Coaches strategies, be consistent in your efforts and you will see an increase in the attention you receive both online and offline.


  1. Share your expertise and find your voice

A huge part of building your brand involves creating and circulating content on the web. Blogging is an excellent way to share valuable content and informative articles to establish yourself as an authority in the industry.  The more content you produce, the more likely potential clients and followers are to find you, read your content and share it. If you write regularly, you will also find your voice more easily; which is the tone you will use throughout your communication with your audience.


  1. Creating a brand for yourself

Operating on your own as a life coach means that you are marketing your business and yourself as one complete package. You are your life coaching business, and it is you. It won’t happen overnight and will require a consistent approach to tone, image and identity so that potential clients can come to know you. However, the time is nigh to get your face out there and prove that you are living proof of the benefits of your programme. In all of your Social Media Marketing For Life Coaches efforts, remember that you are a life coach, so be sure to adopt a positive and motivational tone while maintaining an approachable image.