Social Media Marketing for Hospitals in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Social Media Marketing for Hospitals

With the high increase in competition, one would expect much better services and faster responses especially when it came to hospitals, since they are also using Social Media Marketing for Hospitals to build and maintain stronger relationships with patients. Since hospitals as well as doctors don’t really stay connected to patients because of lack of resources and shortage of time. Social Media Marketing for Hospitals will enable them to quickly respond to patient requirements.


1.Health Warnings


Social Media Marketing for Hospitals is an effective way to reach a lot of people in a short amount of time. If you have a health warning that people should be informed about, post updates on your social media pages. Is the flu or a bug going around? Are you offering vaccinations for a common disease? Is it allergy season? Whatever the warning or information is, post updates on your pages to keep people in the loop.

2.Important Health News


People do still turn to social media to learn about breaking news and current events. Share updates about breakthrough studies, cures that have been found, rare medical conditions being studied and more. This keeps visitors interested and shows that your hospital is up to date with the latest medical information.


3.Hospital Events


If you’re hosting a special women’s health clinic, skin cancer awareness week, children’s charity benefit or any other hospital event, let people know. Build buzz on Social Media Marketing for Hospitals with pictures and videos, information from the sponsors, patient spotlights and so on. This helps raise awareness and boost attendance.


4.Automate the process


Use an automation solution to have your Social Media Marketing for Hospitals posts go out at regular intervals without needing a staff member write and post the content as needed. Instead, create content in advance, choose the date and interval for each post, and let the campaign run automatically. You can also use automation in your email campaigns. Have decision and time-based triggers so that email leads that are fed into by social media receive messages automatically at the right time.


5.Handle Patient Queries


Use social media to answer patient’s concerns and complaints. Complaints can be handled through online communities and discussion forums on Facebook.

Create Relationships and Build Patient Loyalty

Social Media Marketing for Hospitals is not just about generating new leads. It also helps in maintaining relationship with existing employees and building patient loyalty. Your happy customers will talk about you and expand your customer base.

Social Media and Email Marketing

Social media and email marketing are two very powerful channels your organization can use to generate new leads, boost brand recognition, and increase overall revenue. These channels are even more powerful and effective when used together. Keeping social media and email marketing separate will still provide you with effective strategies…but having a holistic view between all marketing channels provides your organization with brand consistency and provides your leads and contacts with a strong brand experience