Social Media Marketing for Holiday / Vacation Rentals JHB

Social Media Marketing for Holiday / Vacation Rentals


social media marketing for holiday / vacation rentals is very important for every business that want to attract customers online and increased traffic to their websites. The key is to focus on one main goal, without spending a ton of time outside of your normal routine.

With the right strategy, social media marketing can actually make a significant impact on a vacation rental business’ brand and bookings. When it comes to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, engagement can actually be really useful… all it takes is knowing the right way to use them. Here are some of the important tips to use for social media marketing for holiday / vacation rentals:


  1. Separate your accounts.


If your personal Instagram account is a mosaic of your daily moments, it’s probably best to give your vacation rental space (or spaces) a separate account. Same goes for Facebook: it makes sense to create a page for your property that guests can like and follow, even if they’re not Facebook “friends” with you. A business page will allow followers to engage directly with property managers and create a marketing space, turning followers into paying guests.


  1. Post more than your property.


Sharing pictures and information about your place is great, but your followers only want to see so much of the same thing before it starts to feel like spam. Instead, add in a mix of beautiful and useful things that your guests and potential guests will find engaging. For example, provide tips and recommendations on your local area so visiting guests can use it as a kind of guide. This gives your property an added value of guest experience.


  1. Promote the experience rather than the place.


When you are sharing pictures and videos of your property, think about how you can convey a guest’s experience rather than just a place. Consider a real estate photo of your living room that shows how nicely decorated and spacious it is. Now let’s take it up a notch: imagine its winter, so you post a photo of your living room with the fireplace roaring and a tray of hot chocolate and marshmallows sitting on the coffee table.

When I identifying the goal for social media marketing for holiday / vacation rentals consider this:

Why GooglePlus? – It’s a safe bet to say that Google most probably values its own social network over the others. So, although it might not have the most users, it definitely has some of the most value when it comes to your SEO.

Why Facebook? – It’s the most popular, and people can interact with your business, using things like checkins, which give you more free visibility.

Why Pinterest or Instagram? – If you truly have a special property, with beautiful pictures and majestic views, then Pinterest and Instagram are choices for you.