Social Media Marketing for Doctors Johannesburg, Gauteng

Social Media Marketing For Doctors


Social Media Marketing for Doctors provides a way to reach new patients, engage with existing patients, and promote your practice and services. In the past doctors were viewed as unapproachable people who we cannot have a conversation with but when social media was introduced all of this changed and helped both patients and doctors in growing their practice. Social media marketing for doctors helps physicians and patients to interact through social media in the years to come. Some doctors are even using social media to encourage their patients to pursue a healthier lifestyle by offering knowledgeable tips and tricks.


What are the benefits of having social media marketing for doctors?

Social media provides a productive ground for doctors who seek influence and networking opportunities. Physicians can access millions of scientific journal articles using online portals. Webinars and video streaming provide further access to a growing global knowledge base. Additionally, many physicians report that peer-to-peer interaction is one of the greatest benefits of social media. Physicians participating in social media exchanges reports that they learn about evidence-based research and discuss new medical guidelines using Twitter and other social media platforms. Social media marketing for doctors will contribute in the growth of the practice, attract new patients, furthermore these platforms and apps will develop to facilitate interactions and help more physicians become active social media participants. After weighing the benefits of increased social media engagement against the risks, more physicians are deciding to log on and connect. There’s no excuse for not investing in social media marketing for doctors in this day and time as increased use of digital medical records are shown to grow businesses every day. Social media marketing for doctors helps to increase recognition and build the practice furthermore to bring the practice to the patients. Social media marketing for doctors will create authentic and lasting brand awareness, avoid solely publishing promotional messages. Instead, focus on content that emphasizes your personality and puts your followers ahead of the hard sell.


Things to keep in mind:

  • Post relevant content

Don’t post for the sake of posting. Naturally, nobody wants to read boring content. Be conversational and post about engaging topics. Keep social media posts relevant, meaningful and simple. Posting too frequently and posting ‘boring’ content are the main reasons people will unfollow and unlike brands.

  • Make it visual

Users engage with social media posts that include images more than with posts that don’t include images.  Add info-graphics, photographs and other visual images to posts and take advantage of Pinterest and Tumblr. Invest in professional video marketing which might cost you but will most definitely benefit in your social media marketing for doctors.