Social media for travel agents in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Social media for travel agents Johannesburg


The travel industry depends a lot on the word of mouth. Social media simply gives people a platform to voice their opinion and listen to others just like them from all over the world.

Social media for travel agents is more beneficial when a traveller voices his/ her opinion with regards to a travel agent on popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google+, he/ she manages to get hundreds of other people acquainted with the travel agent in question. This acts as a major source of branding for the agent and creates a huge impact on brand awareness.

How to effectively use Social media for travel agents?

There are so many ways that a travel agency can use in order to make itself more visible on social media and increase its clientele using social media. Here are a few simple tips to help you get started as a travel agent.


1.Become a brand that people connect with.


One of the best ways of using social media as an opportunity for travel agents is to brand your agency as a trustworthy brand. You can easily create a proper online reputation by getting your existing customers to share their experiences on your social channels and posting reviews of your customers on your social media profiles. Don’t forget to share your social media ideas, offer helpful travel tips and offer your customers with unique reads. Having the right content is likely to help you attract more customers.


2.Offer the right deals.


One of the main charms of an online travel portal is its ability to offer customers with exciting deals. Show the world that you can play this game as well by offering your customers with last minute deals, car rental bargains, special room rates and seat sales. This has a major impact on brand awareness for your travel agency as well.


3.Show your expertise as a travel agent.


Create bucket lists, use images to convey powerful thoughts and use your expertise as a travel agent to offer your readers with more information about refreshing destinations that they can visit during their next holiday. One of the most important roles as a travel agent is to create the need to travel and social media helps you to do this seamlessly.


Social media for travel agents benefits a lot from the main social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and google + is one of the best places to start off as a travel agent new to social media.