Social media for journalists in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Social media for journalists


Social media for journalists is a must for journalists because they report on immediate news and must keep the audience entertained and informed about what is happening on a daily basis. The best advise will be to start with the research, by researching reporters you want to connect with. Find their social media channels, read previous articles they wrote, and browse other webpages and articles with information about them in order to learn more. You may find you have the same alma mater or grew up in the same town.

For good Social media for journalists’ strategies one must follow the following tips to ensure that they succeed:


  • Choosing the best social platform


There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube and that’s just the main ones. You can start with just a few best ones from these tools for your Social media for journalists. There aren’t enough hours in the day to maintain a presence on everyone so choose two or three and focus your efforts there.


  • Develop quality content


As the number of veterinary practices competing for market share rises, you’ll need to find new and creative ways to differentiate your practice online. One of the ways to do so is to increase the quality of the content you post on your practice’s social media account. Almost all veterinary practices have a social media presence but very few are using it to have real, meaningful conversations with their clientele.


  • Read, like and share content


This isn’t about spamming them with your content, DMing them on a daily basis, and stalking them with constant mentions. Instead, take a step back and read their content. Set aside 30 minutes each day to read what your journalists are writing and sharing online, then use this as a basis to plan how you might be able to develop a relationship with them.


Your Social media for journalists online marketing plan should involve other channels past social media like optimizing your own webpage, content marketing, SEO, ads on Google, Facebook and relative webpages. A focus on your online advertising efforts is important, but it doesn’t substitute in-store efforts. Technology makes things easier and more accessible, but it cannot take away that people still have to be physically present in your store when buying your coffee. Therefore, informing and advertising your Social Media promotions through in store ads and word of mouth of your employees might be just as important as a Facebook update.


Social media marketing evolves in our daily lives therefore it is very important for Social media for journalists to move with the trends.