SEO for universities in Johannesburg, Gauteng

SEO for universities in Johanneburg

SEO for universities


SEO for universities is basically, online searches ranked as the top method used by prospective university applicants and parents to discover universities and programs. This is the second most popular method used both during and after the admissions process. SEO for universities is very important for universities to develop creative SEO strategies to ensure that the information is shared correctly and can be accessible easily. As you begin to prioritize your higher education marketing plan and the specific SEO tactics you’ll tackle this upcoming year, here are the seven top areas that I see as some of the greatest challenges in SEO for universities, and also the areas that need the most attention.


  • Perform An SEO Audit

Before you can improve on your organic rankings, you have to first understand what needs to be done. Performing an SEO audit will help you to identify and prioritize tactics. That’s especially important when some of the tactics involve technical site changes that involve the IT department. Often a university IT department will have a backlog of requests and site changes.


  • Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

Google has announced that in the coming months, it will be implementing “mobile-first” indexation. Essentially, this means that the mobile version of a website, rather than the desktop version, will be considered the default version for Google to create and rank its search listings even for desktop users. This shift to mobile first may pose a problem for universities. Often, multiple websites and content management systems are pulled together under one overarching domain. That often means that some parts of the university’s website may be mobile-ready, while others are not.


  • Address Page Load Speed

Page load speed is a ranking factor for Google and has been for many years. Keep it in mind that if your page takes too long to load people will lose interest. One of the more common issues affecting page speed is image size. It’s not uncommon for university websites to have multiple people adding content, including images, to the site. However, not everyone who is uploading images is also optimizing them for the page.


SEO for universities requires a lot of effort and addresses many aspects of your site. How do you know if your efforts are resulting in positive outcomes? Analytics is a great place to start. It’s important to measure beyond the page view. With Analytics you can and examine how organic traffic is responding to calls to action on your site. Set up goals and review how organic traffic meets those goals.