SEO for Social media marketing in Johannesburg, Gauteng

SEO for Social Media Marketing


Social media is built for mass sharing and can reach millions of people in few seconds. That’s how social media affects SEO because all of this sharing adds up to more visibility for your content. SEO for Social media marketing simply says, if lots of people share your content on social media, then it’s likely more people will link to it, and links are a hugely important SEO ranking factor. The SEO techniques you use on your website may be easily transferred over to your social media campaign. The only thing that differs is the content itself, and how you apply your SEO techniques.


SEO for Social media marketing comes with many benefits that people need to know of, here are some SEO techniques you can use to kickstart your rise through the social media search engines:

  • Post very frequently or post very high quality

Content is key and quality is everything. The trick to this is to not post for the sake of posting because this article said you should post but make sure that your posts are good quality and will best represent your brand.

  • SEO for Social media marketing relies on keywords

The first SEO technique you should transfer over from your on-page website SEO is your use of keywords. Social media search engines will promote posts based on how quickly they become popular, but even the search engines need help to find your posts. Pick the most suitable keywords you can find and add them in. Add them to your page, product description, articles, Google needs to know what to look for.

  • Find a good content writer

Play around with social media posts and you will notice the following facts: sexy content gets views, educational content has a high level of engagement, funny posts get views and traffic, and insider information gets shares. Maybe use memes with puns about your niche or products or post short videos with clever and witty comments that relate to your line of business.

  • Images plays a huge role in SEO for Social media marketing.

Pictures are worth thousand words. Social media posts without images are destined to be less successful than posts with images. The fact is that images draw people attention. Just be careful to ensure that your image directly relates to the text on your social media post, especially if you are looking for people to visit your website and convert (buy and subscribe). Some people may click your link based on the image without ever looking at the text you added to your social media post.