SEO for restaurants in Johannesburg, Gauteng

SEO for restaurants


SEO for restaurants help to improve your search visibility will drive more hungry customers into your restaurant, furthermore, as the world is shifting to online people need to know which restaurants are near them, can they place order online and does it deliver. This are all of the things to think about when doubting the power of SEO for restaurants and its benefit.


Regardless of how your restaurant website has performed in Google to date, there are always opportunities to improve your search engine optimization and increase your Google rankings. Investing in SEO is a must for restaurants today. You can use locality, structured data, customer sentiment, and more to your advantage and boost the rankings for your single or multi-location restaurant chain.


Here are some of the tips to use for SEO for restaurants to help rank top in the search engine and draw more customers:

  • Define your SEO for restaurants and content strategies.

This is the basic one. You need to sit down with a team of professionals who will help with your SEO strategy. This will help greatly narrow your competition and give you a quicker road to driving quality traffic to your website. Start by defining the geographic area you want to own, where must of your customers will come from because they either live or work nearby or are visiting. This will help shape your SEO and content strategies.

  • Dominate in Local Search

Start by claiming, standardizing data, and optimizing listings for your restaurant across all of the major and relevant local search properties. This includes a mix of search engine directories, social media sites, and industry-specific directory sites.

  • Engage with Customers on Social Media

Social media can be a powerful touchpoint of the customer journey, showcasing what customers can expect to experience at your restaurant. A strong social presence often correlates with a strong organic search presence as content, engagement, and popularity align with the important SEO pillars of relevance and authority.

  • Brand terms

Don’t take it for granted and assume you’ll automatically rise to the top on brand searches. Know how many people are searching for your restaurant by name and compare that to the high-level and niche-specific search volume.

  • Encourage Reviews & Testimonials

If you must this art the restaurant is more likely to get more search. It’s nearly impossible to do a search for a restaurant and not see review and rating scores in the search results. That’s because people click on higher star ratings. Reviews are often considered as part of a social media strategy and are an engagement tactic but have a broader impact on traffic to your site through search results pages as well.