SEO for real estate agencies in Johannesburg, Gauteng

SEO for real estate agencies


SEO for real estate agencies is to basically make sure that you ensure the importance of people visiting it. Given most searches for property or for an agency start in Google, that means your website needs to be listed by Google in its search results. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of ensuring that Google can find, read and understand your website, so that it can then list it in relevant search result lists. This is our basic guide, introducing some of the fundamental concepts. Gone are the days of placing your website in a variety of local business directories and hoping for the best. In-depth research of Estate and Letting Agencies, together with the application of targeted, best SEO for real estate agencies practices, needs to be performed and maintained on a monthly basis, resulting in quality, sustainable, local business SEO strategies.


These days, potential clients looking for houses or flats, for sale or rent, are not only searching on property portals. In fact, there are a vast number of searches being performed every month in the search engines. However, we understand that it is not only property hunters that your business is looking to attract. You also need bring valuable stock to your portfolio, too. SEO Desk know how to diversify the traffic coming to your website, targeting the most appropriate keywords via proven techniques.

  • Relevance

These are factors that were most important to SEO for real estate agencies a few years ago, and although they are still important to consider, much of Google’s thinking has moved on to other influencing factors. These contribute to the general view of whether a website is relevant to the specific search: Google will consider the number of pages it can read on your site that it deems relevant to the search.

  • Connectedness

It is increasingly important how connected your site is to other sites. This used to be measured primarily by how many links you had to your site, a factor which Google augmented by considering how relevant the sites are that link to yours, and how authoritative the linking site is too.

  • Quality

For good SEO for real estate agencies quality is thought to be one of the more recent trends at Google, as it judges not just the content of your website, but also the level of its quality.  This may be by checking the spelling and grammar, but it’s also in the page speed and user metrics: Google will see how long users stay on your site, how many pages they read, and how often they come back, all to determine whether users like what they find.