SEO for Pinterest in Johannesburg, Gauteng

SEO for Pinterest in Johannesburg

SEO for Pinterest


Pinterest has evolved during the past few years from a trending social network to a powerful visual search engine, and as with any other search engine, you can optimise your presence to be discovered by other users. Pinterest is no longer just a social media site but should be considered a search engine, with over 250 million active users looking for inspiration and fresh ideas each month. With an increasing number of users, Pinterest SEO is becoming essential for digital marketers to master. However, in order to create a successful profile on Pinterest, you need to make sure that your pins are easily discovered from other users and that’s when SEO for Pinterest is required.


The easiest way to do keyword research is to explore Pinterest itself. Use descriptive terms that are aimed at your audience and industry and conduct a search on Pinterest. Once you start typing, you’ll notice that the site auto-suggests terms to help you narrow your search. Jot a few of the words down and include them in your pin descriptions, board titles, image text and profile.


Keywords are very important in the topic of SEO for Pinterest. It is essential to know when establishing your keyword list, remember that the competition for some words will be high. Shorter keywords will also have more competition. You will likely rank higher if you choose long-tail keywords.


Here are some of the tips to boost your SEO for Pinterest:

  • Optimise Profile

Before you even start pinning, you can tweak your profile and pick the right username. You can change it through your settings and use one that reflects your presence and the way you want to be discovered. The URL will serve as your keyword, so make sure you pick a clear, direct and memorable username.


  • Optimise Boards

Your boards should be appealing and neatly organised, emphasizing both on the titles, but also on the images of the boards. From an SEO perspective, it is important to think like a user when picking a board’s title and name it the way it would be searched. Yes, a clever and funny title is great, but if you want to improve your pins’ ranking, you need to optimize the titles in a way that they can be discovered by other users.


  • Use Keyword Rich Descriptions

After uploading a pin or repining, write a description. Keep it enticing, include one or more of your researched keywords and add a few hashtags so Pinterest users can see all the pins that share that same hashtag.