SEO for non-profits organisations / NGO’s in Johannesburg, Gauteng

SEO for non-profit organisations / NGO’s in Johannesburg

SEO for non-profit organisations / NGO’s


SEO for non-profits organisations / NGO’s helps your NGO to maintain an active blog and share all kinds of information related to what your blog does. SEO for non-profits is an easy and effective way to get website traffic, without spending a fortune on paid marketing. SEO is important for any business that wants to attract traffic to their website. SEO for non-profits is especially important because they can’t afford to spend tons of money on paid advertising and traditional marketing.


If your SEO is creative and your content is strong and people enjoy it. They start to link to these posts, which increases the overall strength of your website in the eyes of search engines. This boosts the likelihood you’ll rank for other phrases. Over time, you start to rank top.


What Is The Point Of Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is all about raising awareness that your non-profit exists. Simply put. It’s a way to drive people who are looking for the type of work you’re doing but not for your organization specifically.


To boost your SEO for non-profits organisations / NGO’s you need to be able to do some of the following things including:

  • Write Relevant, Good Quality Content

The best SEO technique is writing content that resonates with your intended audience. The number one priority for search engines is to show relevant search results to their users and good quality content is paramount in that. Following are some tips for writing relevant, quality content, specifically for non-profits:


  • Tell Your Story

Give people a reason to connect with your organization, tell them your story, your mission and vision, and what you stand for. By telling people about these things you will help them connect with your organization better and attract more help.


  • Share Your Achievements

What better way to attract more investors and volunteers than by sharing what you have done and how it has helped people? Tell people about your achievements so that people feel compelled to invest in your cause and help you achieve a lot more.


  • Use Relevant Keywords in Your Content

While it is important to connect with your audience and write content that resonates with them, it is equally important to use the right keywords. You can use keyword finder tools like Google Trends to identify the most-searched keywords for your niche.


  • Optimize Your Titles and Meta Descriptions

SEO for non-profits organisations / NGO’s is not so much different from SEO for any other business. Ensure that you use your primary keywords in meta descriptions, page titles, and subtitles. When a search engine crawler searches your website, these meta and title tags are what it uses to index your website and content correctly.