SEO for multiple cities in Johannesburg, Gauteng

SEO For Multiple Cities in Johannesburg

SEO For Multiple Cities


SEO for multiple cities is possible and can be done if applied properly with a strategic plan. The first thing that you need to do when targeting multiple locations is create unique URLs for each location. Make sure that you also include the URLs on your site map. After your location has a URL, you want to focus on creating content for the page that is local and highly optimized.


Social media can greatly help with SEO for multiple cities and can improve your business’s search results in different cities in just few minutes. Google crawls social media sites just like it does any other web page. It will look at the number of Facebook likes, shares, and posts that include your website; Twitter followers and tweets; and more. The more engagement that you have on social media, the more you look better in Google’s eyes, and this will help you go up in the SERPs.


Make Your Most Important City Pages Unique

The best tip for SEO for multiple cities is to start with pages that are most important to you.  If you want to list out all the cities in a region, just list them on the page – you don’t need an individual page for each city to rank in most cases. In terms of making the pages different, write original content for each area or city. Focus on what makes that city unique or different, but give it value beyond what you can get in a census listing. Find ways to make it different and unique so that you’ll actually add some information for the potential customer. In addition to making Google like the page better, it also gives the consumer confidence that you know the area and can really address their needs

  • If you offer services in real estate, talk about the way the community in that area differs.
  • If you offer plumbing, mention that a common problem in that area is hard water.
  • If you’re a florist, talk about the climate, or how you source or grow plants in the area.


Targeting SEO For Multiple Cities Keywords

If you want to get visibility in multiple cities but don’t have an address in each one, there is one method that will still deliver results. The best advice for this is to follow Google’s definition of what a doorway page is:

  • Having multiple pages or domains that target a specific city
  • Pages made to funnel visitors into one portion of your site
  • Substantially similar pages that are closer to search results than a clearly defined, browsable hierarchy.