SEO for finance companies in Johannesburg, Gauteng

SEO for finance companies in Johannesburg

SEO for finance companies


Setting your financial company apart from your competitors sounds easy when you say it, but it can be a difficult task when not invested properly with a creative team. By implementing the best SEO for finance companies, many search queries will recognize your website and rank it by its relevancy to a search, helping you to earn more leads and stand out among financial competitors.


Here is the best SEO for financial companies that you should use in your own online marketing techniques:

  • Design a Great Website

The first step to successful SEO is launching your company website. When people click on your pages and are directed to your website, it’s important that you create a captivating landing page to grab your audience’s attention. You will gain more traffic and keep your leads on your website longer if it is designed with your target audience in mind.


  • Use call-to-action (CTA) Effectively

A website’s CTA prompt should be used to get the audience to take action. CTA’s are important because they can get your leads to fully convert and lead them into becoming real clients that are valuable for your financial business. Your business’s contact information should be placed on each page throughout your website and should be consistent wherever you put it.


  • Include Relevant Keywords

Keywords, or words and phrases that people use to search for information, is just one factor of 200 that Google uses to rank its pages. You should include keywords on your website’s content so that engines can identify what pages fit the best for searches. It’s important to be more specific with your key words to rank for the best site with that particular phrase. The best keywords to use would be long-tail keywords, or phrases that are easier to rank for. Alternatively, you can use short-tail keywords, but those are vague and much harder to rank for in the search engines.


  • Have Informative Content

To retain your leads’ attention, you should provide quality content on your website. For example, keep up with financial trends in the industry or news about large companies that they would want to know. You could also create pages that promote your services and details about your company, as well. These pages will help to draw in traffic that might need your business or information about your expertise in the financial field.


Here are some of SEO for financial companies tips proven to make your financial website rank higher in search results, attract more leads, and close more new clients:

  • Make your website mobile-friendly, fast, and secure
  • Use past search behaviour to find your top financial advisor keywords
  • Optimize your website’s content, title tags, headings, and meta descriptions for your top keywords
  • Claim and completely fill out your Google My Business profile