SEO for dynamic pages in Johannesburg, Gauteng

SEO For Dynamic Pages In Johannesburg

SEO For Dynamic Pages


The research has proven that dynamic pages can add unique value to a site, though they might also cause problems with crawling and even indexing your pages. To avoid this, make sure that you create dynamic pages that are more search engine friendly. Before getting deep in SEO for dynamic pages it is important to first understand what is a dynamic page? This can be defined in two things, firstly a web page that displays different content every time it’s opened. A page might change with the time of day or depending on the user that is accessing it.  The second example of a dynamic page is one that is generated by a user input, for example, if you’re on an e-commerce store and searching by filter, you can introduce lots of filters into the URL,


Google now does index SEO for dynamic pages dynamic pages and Googlebot still struggles to crawl these types of pages, so there are a few things you should do if you want to make your dynamic pages more search engine friendly.


Below Are The Tips To Use For SEO For Dynamic Pages

  • Create relevant content. On your product page if you don’t have blog content there, you’re taking someone away from your product to read a blog you might never see them again. Use your blog content to drive traffic to the pages on your site that drive more business for SEO for dynamic pages.


  • Don’t spend a lot of time worrying about or optimizing your homepage; make sure it’s clear, loads quickly and helps a user get to where they want to go.


  • Make sure you have as much static content on your category pages. This means if you have a brand page and also a product-type page, make sure you have relevant and optimized copy on these pages to balance out the fact that the products on these pages will mean the page content will always be changing.


  • Don’t focus on the pages generated when you filter. If people search and then filter, some platforms will generate loads of very similar URLs, which can hurt your SEO but only if you rely on these pages as landing pages. Make sure the string generated in the URL is as human-friendly as possible.


Focus on your product pages. These products will usually only be surfaced in search engine results pages when people are looking for that exact product. So, optimize these pages and make sure that you monitor your rankings because users clicking on your result are much more likely to be shown what they’re after and consequently buy your product.