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SEO for Apps


When developing SEO for apps it is important to keep it in mind that not everyone can create good content that will help your app rank top and get more downloads, the only solution is to work with the best digital marketing in the country to help you with all your online needs can be just what you need to reach your gaols. Visit today


The first thing is to do when you want to increase your search ranking for your SEO for app is to perfect your keyword research by choosing the proper keywords for mobile search that describe and match your user’s requirements. Finding the exact keywords to describe your app should come in handy while searching for content ideas, or additional optimization aspects. You can use google keyword planner to take mobile search volume information for the targeted keywords.


For good rankings for your SEO for apps:

  • Feature your brand prominently in the app name

The app name doubles as the link anchor text within the App Store and Android Market. Getting these sites to link to your app profile page, using your brand name as a link, is critical for tapping into their enormous link equity.

  • Link to your app profile page from your home page and/or site footer

You must aim the link equity of your most important pages at your app download pages. Many brands bury these important links. Consider building a landing page or section dedicated to your apps with screen shots, reviews, features, etc. But it must also have links from the most important pages of your site and follow the other tips here to make it into Page 1 for brand queries.This is a digital distribution platform, developed and maintained by different app owners e.g. google or apple for mobile apps on its android or iOS operating system. The store allows users to browse and download apps developed with different software development kit.


SEO for app store has proven to be important whether you are new to app store, or you are an existing one but want to refine your approach to get more downloads, this article will help you with some practical insights which are proven to maximize app store success.

  • Single Snippet

The common result of an app-associated search is a single snippet. It consists of an app name, no. of ratings average ratings, a text fragment describing the app, and an install button. A single snippet is generally a search result for an app, but it can show up with a few app-specific searches, with the App packs.