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These days, businesses need Search Engine Optimisation to be successful within the Online space. SEO in Alberton is the primary choice to gain visibility for your business. To become effective in SEO, it must be highly visible on search engines, relevant, user friendly, appealing, and entice users to take up your products and they will do so if SEO is done correctly especially within Alberton.


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short, entails optimising your website so it can achieve high rankings or positions on search engines and especially within the Alberton region – the higher your website ranks, the more exposure it gets and this in turn drives more visitors to your website. The three major search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing; with Google being the most prominent search engine in South Africa. Google ranks websites based on two primary processes – onsite optimisation and offsite optimisation. On page Optimisation is basically optimizing an entire website (each and every web page) for the desired keyword and it’s location, and this entails tweaking the content and everything within the content (links, images, style etc.), as well as certain HTML tags, and regularly modifying the website structure and content in order to improve your organic rankings on search engines.


There are about 84 elements that needs to be examined on each page during the onsite optimisation process. Off page Optimisation or link building is the other important technique of SEO and involves acquiring links from other well ranked, credible or popular websites. The more websites that links (or points) to your website (especially if that website has similar content), the more credible and valuable your website will appear to search engines.


SEO is not a short-term strategy as it entails continuous Optimisation to assist in search engine rankings for your relevant keywords. SEO is also not an exact science – meaning if you do A, B, C…then you would rank, not so! Conducting these processes will assist in ranking on the first page of Google if you implement SEO for your website in Aberlton .


How can SEO help your business in Alberton ?

Doing SEO in Alberton can help your company or business website gain more exposure on search engines as 98% of users start their digital journey from search engines such as Google – most of which search for local results within the Alberton region.If your website is optimized for Alberton , and if it’s targeting the correct keywords and ranking on the first page on google then your website should be getting high traffic / visitors already.


When a website is listed or ranked on the 1st page of Google (top 10 results), you get:

More exposure on Google showcasing your products and services
Drive more traffic to your website
Attract potential customers
Drive more leads / sales


Some statistics when using SEO to rank in Alberton :

There are about on average 12 times more people searching on google for your products and services than if you had to put an ad in the newspaper – our keyword analysis proves this time and time again. From an SEO or Google perspective, we target those that are actually looking for your products and services – therefore it is much easily for them to convert into sales, than trying to entice or sell your product to someone whom you cold-called. (A Customer-Pull Strategy as opposed to the Product-Push Strategy)


Why is SEO in Alberton important?

More than 98% of people start their digital journey from Google searching for anything and everything. SEO assists your website in achieving top ranking on google for the relevant keywords. By ranking high up on google you can expect to:

• Increase in your online presence
• Increase traffic to your website
• Increase the quality of visitors
• Convert visitors into actual customers
• Achieve a great ROI


Statistics on Search Engines:

About 93% of internet traffic (depending on the country) is referred by Google, Yahoo, and Bing which are the Top 3 search engines globally. The top 10 positions (1st page rankings) receives about 75% – 88% of the total traffic, and if your website is ranked no.1 your website can expect to receive approximately 33%- 35% of the total traffic, so for example the keyword ‘home loans’ is searched for 2 million times a month on average – your website if ranked no1 can expect to get about 33% of 2 million visits (if strong optimisation techniques are implemented) For results driven SEO services in Alberton contact us today!


How does SEO in Alberton work and what is the process?

Doing SEO in Alberton is not an overnight sensation where you will see success the very next day. It generally takes about 3 to 6 months according to Google, for Google themselves to index / crawl your website and then assign your website a rank. We tend to rank your website much faster, however ranking is dependent on your industry type, number of competitors, your website optimisation and development etc. We unfortunately don’t know when your website is going to rank as google does not stipulate this anywhere in their disclaimers – only they know!
However, some of our clients ranks within the 1st week while others take a couple of months to rank – all dependent on the Google algorithm, and industry type. SEO services for Alberton needs to be done monthly which entails continuous analysis, optimisation every web page, monitoring the website traffic and trends, monitoring the keyword performance on google etc. (as per the proposal).The process would entail us first conducting analysis on your website to see if search engines can easily crawl or index your website, then identifying potential issues with your website from a search engine perspective.


The SEO process is always the same meaning that we will always:

conduct analysis on the website (SEO Audit)
conduct analysis on search engines based on certain keywords
look at the industry type and the competitiveness of that specific industry

All these insights form our SEO strategy which we then implement and continue to make improvements monthly. These insights also give us an idea as to the amount of optimisation we need to do weekly and based on this we are then able to propose a cost for SEO targeting the Alberton regions.


We cut out the nitty gritty stuff like – we only rank for 10 keywords, directory submission, h1 tags, bold tags etc. as these are the obvious onsite elements that have to be done anyway, we do however concentrate on ‘analysis’ which is the foundation of our what we need to do. We base everything on facts and insights and this information forms part of the SEO strategy – we don’t dictate, neither do we thumb suck what you should be doing from an SEO perspective – as everything is guided by our analysis.


What influences the cost of doing SEO in Alberton :

the industry you are in, for example insurance industry VS selling plants online
• no. of competitors online for relevant keywords
• Your competitor’s SEO strategies
• Your website development (is it built or aligned to what search engines are looking for?)
• website size (small company profile website or a large website with lots of content)
• no. of keywords you want to target, or the keywords we recommend you should be targeting
• Competitiveness of keywords.

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