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Whether you’re streaming live or schedule your broadcast, share news from the world, or music or sports, be closer to your listeners with your own radio app.

  • Live
  • Dedications
  • Audio player in background
  • Podcasts (with offline access)
  • Sleep mode
  • Various content: text, video, photo, sound

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Key features

Powerful Audio / Video Player

We bring you a player that allows you to listen to live audio and video within the app. This player is fully customizable and allows you to easily broadcast your radio shows or live videos from your backstage.

Sleep mode

Your listeners can choose how long they want to listen to the program using a built-in timer. An icon in the upper right corner of their screen allows them to access the timer setting screen.

Advanced Player

Your listeners can access advanced information about the track being played directly from the audio player: title, cover, artist. They can also buy the track, or share it on social media in one click.

Continuous broadcast of your radio feed

Background audio playback is available on native versions of your app: your broadcast keeps playing even if your users exit the app. As long as they don’t close it permanently, your app continues to broadcast your radio, allowing your listeners to simultaneously use other apps on their smartphone.

Player available everywhere in your app

The GoodBarber player allows your listeners to listen to your radio while browsing other sections of your app. A mini player is displayed in all sections of the app to allow your listeners to control the playback of the live stream.

Scheduled broadcasts

Easily set the times you want to broadcast live. Outside these times, the player is inaccessible and replaced by a fully customizable page informing your listeners of the next live broadcast.

Your shows on demand with Podcasts

Create your own replay offer and allow your audience to listen to your programs anywhere and anytime
A straightforward management of your podcasts

You can upload your podcasts directly into your back office, there is no need to use an external platform. They will be hosted and broadcasted directly to your listeners. Upload your file, add additional content, and publish or schedule the publication of your podcast. It’s as simple as that.

If you already broadcast podcasts on other platforms, you can connect them with your app to centralize your broadcasts.

Organize your podcasts according to your needs

Create the architecture that best suits your content and publishing pace. Use the categories, sorting options or Menu sections to organize your podcasts, whether by type of show or by date of broadcast. You have a myriad of options to create the organization that best suits your needs.

Enhanced audio content

There are a number of ways to enhance your podcasts through visuals. An illustration can be associated with each episode of a podcast, allowing you to choose either a visual per show or to opt for a thematic visual for each episode. The detailed view of a podcast episode can be customized after choosing one of the 3 templates created by our designers.

Finally, the podcast playback pages include a graphic animation according to the sound being played.


Tune in to your listeners
Build strong relationships with your audience. Your radio is also theirs

Push notifications

Use push notifications to announce the release of your new shows or episodes. Notifications are sent automatically and it’s a win for everyone: you promote your content and your interested listeners are sure not to miss a single episode of their favorite show.
Think of it also to announce the start of a live show or to be reactive to current events. Rest assured, your listeners will be able to choose which shows or which type of notifications they want to be kept informed.

Form section: your listeners’ voice

Use the form to let your audience interact with you. Build the form you need with 16 different types of fields and present it to your listeners. Whether it’s autograph requests, song selections, contests or survey responses, the form is a great opportunity to give your community a voice.

Your app, your rules.

Unlike on certain platforms, creating your own app allows you to broadcast exactly the way you want it, with your own rules and your own way of interacting with your listeners. You take full control over your preferred broadcasting tool.

More than a radio
Cover more topics with diversified content types

A powerful CMS

The integrated CMS allows you to create any type of content directly from the back office. It is the perfect tool to create your written content or to offer a more visual part by opting for video sequences. Thanks to the CMS you decide everything: status management for each content, immediate or delayed publication…

An efficient centralization of your existing content

If you already create additional content on other platforms, connect your different content sources thanks to our catalog of more than 30 external connectors: Youtube, Vimeo, WordPress, RSS feeds and much more. You don’t need to change a thing. Your content is automatically retrieved from your other platforms to your app.

Tune in to your listeners
Build strong relationships with your audience. Your radio is also theirs

The power of the web on your side

The Progressive Web App, the most advanced mobile website, is the perfect complement to your native app. Designed to work optimally on any device (mobile, tablet and desktop), it doesn’t require any download. It’s a great tool to reach a different audience that may not be keen yet in downloading your app. Essential to gain visibility, PWAs are indexed by the search engines, helping you gain visibility and rank higher on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

Benefit from the high-performance of the native apps

Speed, intuitive navigation, access to the native features of the devices they’re installed on, native apps are the ultimate user experience for your listeners. A report on Internet Radio Trends indicates that 95% of listeners are tuning to stations by mobile apps. With an iOS and Android app, you’ll benefit not only from the notoriety of the Stores but also an increased listeners retention rate.

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